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Unforgettable Event

Divine's Birthday Captions....
Huge numbers of Diciples all out from Malaysia attended the Birthday Ceremony..

The Extraordinary Techniques

Self Healing
Disciple are taught technique to cure their illness. Disciples can use this technique to cure health problems such as gastrics, ulcer, blood preassure, diabetics, and many other illness. Kundalini is the greatest healer. Using the yogic energy, we will be able to heal any diseases. The important factor other than the initiation is the desciples commitment, initiative and faith.

Subconscious mind programming
Also called as the goal setting technique, desciples are taught to program their subconscious mind.
What is the subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is the driving force of our lives. The subconscious mind does not evaluate a matter to be true or false and right or wrong. It records whatever experience and knowledge it comes across. Whats recorded in the subconscious mind determines our attitude, behaviours, mind set, creativity, goals and ambitions. Therefore, it is important to program our subconsious mind to our advantage and benefits. Children who grows up in a positive environment with encouragement, support and positive feedback do well in their lives relatively compared to children who are used to abused and negativity.
We can be productive and extremely successful if we develop our creative intelligence and able to decide on the PERFECT decision and perform the RIGHT actions. If our mind is strong, positive and creative, we are capable of broad vision, deep insight, ability to comprehend the many aspect of a given situation, produce creative ideas and solutions. Whenever there is a problem or obsctacle, we would be able to remain calm, think clearly, decide on the best solution and act upon it. If our mind is dull, negative and shallow, our creativity and actios are restricted. We tend to be more confused and troubled when we are faced with a difficult situation. Bad decision and wrong actions makes things worst and more difficult.
A well program subconscious mind can command positive attitude, behavious and ideas. Once you know how to manage and program your subconscious mind, any problem can be solved, and desires can be fullfilled and hapiness and success is not a impossible

Negativity Remover
We all have negative experience in our lives which will effects us emotionally. These negativity will be recorded in our memory and subconscious and will impact our future decision making. These negative feeling has to be removed from the subconscious mind so that we can forget, forgive and move on with our lives. Once we have removed these negative feelings, we will not feel the anger, pain, humiliation or any other negative feeling eventhough we will still remember the incident.

Divine Shield
To understand the Divine Shiled, we must first understand what is Aura. Aura is a energy field surrounding all living creature, often described as a electromagnet field. One of the function of the aura is to act as a protection shield around our physical body. If the aura is strengthen in the correct manner, it will protect us from any danger, misfortune and illness.
Once Kundalini has been initiated, desciples can perform many technique to improve their lives spiritually and materially. One may ask, what else can I do with this creative energy. The Master has only one answer, “Never ask what you can do with this creative energy, instead aks what you cannot do”. We can use the subconscious mind programming to fullfill any desire, be it financially, emotionally, in terms of relationship, ambition and etc. Use the divine shield to protect ourselves from any physical and emotional harm and the self healing technique for healthy living. Excellent health, happy and peaceful mind, financially stability, great relationship is some of the few things I can suggest.


There are unbeatable techniques for students to improve thier studies.This studying techniques help the student in learning process and gives them a better guidances to approach the hardest subjects during thier academy period.

Golden Quates From Dato Sri Guruji

Believe In your Yogic Power and have faith on Almighty God, you will surely obtain HAPPINESS

Belief in God brings happiness and joy in life

Misery and Failure is not for you

Always analyse yourself

Guru is Spirituality

Life is determined by your self belief

The path of Love is the secret of success

Face life energetically and wisely, this will bring you success

Believe in God and you shall overcome all sorrow

Believe in Guru and you shall realize all the powers within you

Belief in yourself and you will realize immense strength

There is nothing that cannot be achieved with Love; By adding Purity, Patients and Persistence, You will definitely have an enlightened life

Sincere Prayers to God, will certainly remove sadness, misery and worries. Happiness will grow

Living with wealth is Good, Living with the guidance from God is better

By giving love, we can attain immense wealth and happiness

Attempting to realize yourself is the means to attain your goals

Balancing the "Spiritual" and "Material Life"

Turning the attention of the mind inwards does not mean we have to give up on the world, which is a common misconception about raja yoga. It is true that the ancient rishis renounced normal life to dedicate their lives solely to their spiritual pursuit. The rishis meditated day and night, and their focus was totally on the spiritual.
But this is as unbalanced as a life in which the focus is totally on the material world, ignoring the spiritual. The lack of balance in both extremes is explained by Dato Sri Guruji, the current living guru of raja yoga.

Raja yoga has evolved to be accessible to everyday people, who contribute to family life and community, while wanting to attain a spiritual goal. The Master of raja yoga say that spiritual growth comes with normalising all functions of a human being. For example, unlike some earlier raja yoga systems, procreation is seen as a natural function of Nature, so celibacy is not prescribed. Instead, spiritual practice leads to the natural purpose and function of procreation being normalised. Our Master teach that it is in the world of the family that almost all human qualities are perfected, including the capacities to love, to renounce, to take responsibility, to function in a group, to tolerate, to sacrifice and surrender. Without this humanness, the spiritual practice of raja yoga can become austere and dry. Spirituality without humanity and character development is again very unbalanced. After all, we still have to lead everyday lives, and it is through the interaction with the world that we have a mirror to reflect the inner changes. To only study the old texts and practices of raja yoga does not give any idea of the evolution that has occurred in this science, especially during the last 150 years. It would be like taking an astronomy text from the time of Ptolemy, and expecting to understand modern astronomy. It would not be adequate. The only way to know about raja yoga as it is practised today is to go to the teachings of the current Master of raja yoga, and understand it in today’s world. This shows no disrespect to the ancients, whose knowledge and wisdom was vast. It simply acknowledges that evolution has occurred

What Is Raja Yoga ?

'Raja yoga' literally means the king of yogas. This is a very grand title for a branch of yoga that is not as popular or as well-known as others, and that sometimes appears quite obscure. This article aims to demystify raja yoga, exploring the underlying philosophy, and most importantly its relevance for us in today's world.

What is Raja Yoga ?

'Raja yoga' literally means the king of yogas. This is a very grand title for a branch of yoga that is not as popular or as well-known as others, and that sometimes appears quite obscure. This article aims to demystify raja yoga, exploring the underlying philosophy, and most importantly its relevance for us in today's world.

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