Friday, November 14, 2008

Golden Quates From Dato Sri Guruji

Believe In your Yogic Power and have faith on Almighty God, you will surely obtain HAPPINESS

Belief in God brings happiness and joy in life

Misery and Failure is not for you

Always analyse yourself

Guru is Spirituality

Life is determined by your self belief

The path of Love is the secret of success

Face life energetically and wisely, this will bring you success

Believe in God and you shall overcome all sorrow

Believe in Guru and you shall realize all the powers within you

Belief in yourself and you will realize immense strength

There is nothing that cannot be achieved with Love; By adding Purity, Patients and Persistence, You will definitely have an enlightened life

Sincere Prayers to God, will certainly remove sadness, misery and worries. Happiness will grow

Living with wealth is Good, Living with the guidance from God is better

By giving love, we can attain immense wealth and happiness

Attempting to realize yourself is the means to attain your goals

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